Retail Lighting

It’s no secret that better looking shops do more business. However, did you know that by simply improving your lighting you can get more customers in the door, increase sales, and make your staff more friendly and personable?

Better lighting is more inviting, and makes people want to visit and spend more time in your store. You can also improve the display of your products to make them seem more appealing which leads to more sales. The improved lighting conditions will also make your staff more alert and cheerful. Best of all, you can have all of this without spending an additional cent on upgrades.

How is this possible? Rayal are lighting installation experts. We’ll begin with a survey to evaluate your current lighting situation and expenditure, and come up with a solution which allows you to pay off the upgrade with the money you save every month on energy. After your payment period is over, everything you save is just more money in the bank for your store.

When you upgrade your lighting with Rayal you can:

  • Get more customers to visit your shop.
  • Sell more products and boost your bottom line.
  • Increase your employee satisfaction.
  • Save money on your energy bill.
  • Help the environment by reducing your energy consumption.

All with no up-front capital expenditure. What’s the catch? There is none!

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